God’s Intervention

I recently attended a Woman Within weekend training.  The experience was indescribable, although I will try over the next several posts to convey the incredible learning experience I had during my weekend.  But first, I feel the need to explain how I came to attend the weekend.

About 3 weeks before the training, I attended a new church for the first time.  When I first got there, the woman who greeted me explained that normally they have messages (i.e., sermons) but on the last Sunday of the month they have an all-message service, meaning that everyone puts their name on a slip of paper and a reader gives them personal intuitive messages.  As it turns out, the usual reader was out because of a death in the family, so they had a different person to do it, and at the last minute they added a second reader, a woman.  I had never met her, or anyone else at the service that day.

The readers went through several cards and gave intriguing readings.  The woman especially resonated with me.  She seemed especially in tune and gave very descriptive readings.  I was excited when she picked my card.  Immediately, she said she felt a stabbing pain in her stomach that represented all the pain, emotional & physical, that I carry around & that holds me back.  She saw a pinpoint of light off in my distance, which represented the unconditional love and happiness that I deserve and am close to experiencing on earth, but in order to do so I had to release the pain from my past.  All of this resonated with me deeply.

Then she opened the card & realized it was me.  She stopped the service and said she had received a special message for me when she passed me earlier before the service started.  She said she had a vision of a little girl, dressed like a ballet dancer (I danced for 8 years as a child).  She also saw God with a locket with my initials on it, and inside a ribbon made of ballet slipper satin.  She said He keeps the locket as a symbol of how much He loves me, that I am so special to him that He keeps this locket around His neck & shows to everyone, as if to say “this is my daughter look at how wonderful she is & how much I love her”.   She reiterated that I have so much love to give and healing abilities to share with the world, but that I had to release the pain.  It was as if the heavens had opened up and God’s light was shining down around me.  I was surrounded by a roomful of strangers, and at the same time it was as if I was alone, with only this stranger seeing directly into my soul.

Later, she told me about the Woman Within weekend.  There was no doubt I had to go.  I had had an intervention from God himself.


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