The Beginning

This poem is about my mom.  I’ve been wanting to connect with her since she died 10 years ago, but never knew how.  She’s been recently contacting people close to me, trying to get messages to me.  Not too long ago, she told someone for me that all I had to do was to open the door and walk through it, and she would show me everything.  Soon after that, I saw her in my mind’ s eye, not my earthly mother, but her spirit form.  She was standing in a doorway, wearing long flowing robes, with her arms outstretched to me.  A week or so ago, I was meditating and finally was able to connect with her directly, to hear her voice.  During this meditation, she did something, I don’t know what, but the pure emotion of love that permeated me is almost indescribable in human terms.  I wrote this poem shortly after as an attempt to capture the experience.

Empty vessel
Energetic connection
You fill me up

We’re in this together, you say
I will help you
I always have

Please don’t leave
Stay just a bit longer

Warmth, expansion
Unconditional love

Emotion overwhelms
Pours out involuntarily
Gasping for breath
Praying to hold on to this experience

This is just the beginning

©SpiritLed 2012



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