This Fall

Often fall ends quickly
The leaves turn and then
Are loosed from their captor
As if overnight
But not this fall
Each day I drive
Through a corridor
Of pale green
Brilliant yellow
Vibrant orange
And deep dark red
Marveling at the steadfast procession
Of color that surrounds me

This fall-
This fall is different
This fall is lingering
This is the first fall
In many years
That has not,
With the changing leaves,
Brought with it
A pervasive sadness
A rock in my belly
A sense of the beginning of an end

This fall
The leaves are still on the trees
Clinging to life
To faith
To the reluctant letting go
Of the old
In order to usher in
The new



2 thoughts on “This Fall

  1. Your words are beautiful, Ashley. I feel the same way. This fall is lingering and particularly vibrant, a good reflection of how we feel inside, right? 🙂

    Keep up the good words!



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