Birthing my Dreams

Recently I dreamed that I was with a woman who was giving birth.  I and the other women present were encouraging her as she worked when suddenly the thought came to me “just a head”.  Next, I looked at the birthing woman lying naked on her side, bearing down one last time as the baby crowned.  With one final push, the baby’s head emerged–and dropped to the floor.  Silence befell the room.  And there, in the stillness, a miracle occurred.  The baby’s body appeared, united with its discontinuous head.  Then I awoke.

I knew the dream was symbolic.  I’ve been hearing a voice sometimes while dreaming that says “This is important!  Remember this!”  However, I don’t usually wake up enough to write down my dreams and they’re lost by morning.  But this dream happened just before I woke for the day, and I knew instantly that it had deep meaning.  I pondered it for about a week, analyzing the possible symbolism.  What does birthing represent?  What can a headless baby possibly mean?  What about the body appearing?  

I started thinking about my life for the past few years, especially this whirlwind year:  my growth, my soul expansion, my dreams, my goals, my blocks.  And suddenly it came to me.  The birthing woman was ME, laboring to bring forth my own truth, my authentic existence to the world.  and just when I get to the moment of truth, the final moment when my labor of love is born into the world, it’s decapitated, lopped off by my fears, insecurities, distractions from the goal, feelings of unworthiness.  Despite all my hard work, there my dream rolls around, lifeless on the floor.  But in this dream, the body materializes and reconnects with its head.  The dream is made whole again, the labor complete, the need for mourning averted.  This is my message — the time is here for me to throw off fear, to reconnect my head to my body (which contains my heart), to go forth and do that which I am called to do.


2 thoughts on “Birthing my Dreams

  1. Very true Brent! I’m definitely prone to “parental” concerns & fears, that historically have overridden my child-like excitement. That could be part of the message for me too!


  2. Amazing what our sub-conscience screams out when we are idle. Glad you were able to hear it clearly. I also hear in the message that we can have the excitement of child-like newness while at the same time we have the concerns and fears of a new parent. As in our physical life we are constantly balancing the foundational safety needs of a parent while letting loose, with confidence, the possibilities that exist within each child.


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