Too Much Mind and Not Enough Soul

I have not written for weeks, or meditated
It’s as if my very soul is being pulled out of me
One piece at a time
It’s been cold, snowy, rainy even
No sunrise or sunset, only grey
The entanglements of life and work creep in
Crowding out soul space
Too much living
And not enough life

I miss the sweet sound of my spirit voices
Although I know they’re nearby
I’m too spread thin to hear, to commune
Work consumes me and it’s not even a job I love
Some days fulfilling, many days positively soul draining
Too much working
And not enough joy

I can feel the stress symptoms returning
Fatigue, body aches, down in the dumps
No time for exercise, weather doesn’t help
My body, mind, soul — they all cry for more
More life, more love, more joy, more gentleness
More time for soul growth and soul rest
Too much mind
And not enough soul

2 thoughts on “Too Much Mind and Not Enough Soul

  1. Hey Ashley – ironically I was getting ready to message you to tell you I hadn’t seen a post for a while πŸ™‚ I so relate to “too much living and no enough life” and “too much working and not enough joy”. People thought me crazy to leave my last job but those two statements really sum up why I left. Hopefully this phase will pass soon and you can be back on track to taking care of yourself while you care for others. And for what it is worth you’ve got company in that ambiguous place πŸ™‚


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