Endless Winter

Dreary, dreary
The days creep on
Only hope remains
For a miraculous explosion
Of warmth on skin
Green bursting forth

Softly, softly
I hear spring arriving
Birds impart their melodies
New buds peek through
Only to be thwarted by
One more blanket of cold and wet

One can only imagine
That such an endless winter
Will usher in an epic spring,
A sense of renewal
Gentle tears
Washing clean the earth
And souls
Carrying away the sting
Of winter’s pain


Birth Day

In a parlor plain and
solemn, a small crowd huddles
Tomorrow I celebrate
one more year, today
I attend my friend’s
final life celebration

Funerals produce in me
a subtle sense of asphyxiation
and I sit in the quiet chapel,
in this room full of acquaintances
and strangers, barely breathing
for fear I might explode
into unending tears

But the moon rising in my heart
speaks of fullness and cycles,
and creates in me a curious juxtaposition

and a shift happens, a veil lifts to reveal
awareness that death is life anew,
that as one celebrates birth
another now possesses a freedom
that earthly souls can only imagine

Rest in Peace, my friend,
and also my yesterday self,
for today we both start anew
and tomorrow as well,

fulfilled in the knowledge
that neither death nor birth
signify an end or a beginning

but rather each day is a new path
in our personal eternity,
one more step in the journey
of Divine life

© SpiritLed 2014