Some Days

Not a good day
Feeling stuck & hopeless
Fearful actually
Fearful that my hopes & dreams
Are but an illusion
To keep me in a happy place
While I waste away
In my current existence
If I can be excited & hopeful
For the future
The present doesn’t seem so bad, right?
Fearful, too, that I might actually
Reach my goals
And then what?
Will I really be happier?
Is the grass really greener
In that pasture?
Some days it doesn’t seem worth it.



Reaching out
Meeting only resistance
Barely breathing
Desperately seeking escape
Inside this box
The walls all look the same
Shades of brown and grey
The fabric comprised
Of a million more tiny boxes
Over time the monotony
Numbs me enough
To keep me here
Make me forget my entrapment

What if we all woke up?
Realized there are no barriers
Except those which we create?
What if we cast off the walls
Broke free from our boxes?

Shut it off

Shut it off!
My fragile being
Cannot take the madness
Day in and day out
Everyone is glued to
The worst in the world
But my heart is too large
It soaks up the world’s pain
And dries up my muse
Like a desert

Many tell me it’s foolishness
To think people are worth loving
You can’t change the world!
Still I can’t  shake my suspicion
That deep inside
We are all good
Better yet
We share a common Light
A deep Universal connection
That binds us to each other
Like a massive spiritual
Spider web

So if we are all connected
If we are all One
Then are we all evil
When one commits an evil act?
And greater still
If we are all Divine light
How can we be evil?
These are the answers
That live in my heart