In Between

Oh, for just a moment
To compose a few lines
Steal some daylight,
A little slice of dusk,
Midnight when the moon
Peers through the skylight
Shut the office door
Jot down the heart’s murmurings

Between mommy kisses
And dirty dishes
Morning commute
The daily reboot
Somewhere in the midst of busy-ness
The day offers fleeting solitude
For introspection,
Furious scribbling,
Blessed connection with soul

© SpiritLedBlog 2013


Mother’s Gift

I’m reading the book “Poetry as Spiritual Practice: Reading, Writing, and Using Poetry in Your Daily Rituals, Aspirations, and Intentions” by Robert McDowell, which includes various writing exercises to help with deepening the understanding of poetry and integrating it into daily practice. The poem below is the result of an exercise to write a rhyming poem, which I never do. It was great fun to stretch outside the norm and get the creative juices flowing in a different direction!

Children please go on to bed
Your mother has a headache.
Won’t you soon lay down your heads,
Lest nightfall turn to daybreak?

Children please now settle down
Your mother needs a night’s rest.
Put PJ’s on and tuck down tight,
For moonlight sleep is soul’s best.

Come now children, no more play
Your mother’s ire grows stronger.
Brush teeth and hair and run upstairs,
Night won’t be here much longer.

What’s this? Children in their beds?
Do your mother’s eyes deceive?
All tucked in and sleeping sound
The greatest gift to be received.

© SpiritLedBlog 2013


While out for a twilight run
without gloves or a jacket
hands seek refuge in shirt sleeves
bitter winds bite exposed flesh
rip through even clothed areas
hastening nightfall becomes a stark reminder
of my frigid error in judgment

Around a corner my breath seizes
breaking me from my piteous complaint
enraptured by the amber globe
that wondrously appears
hanging heavy and voluminous
as if its weight would soon crush
the houses below

As I run down the slope
toward the warmth of home
so, too, does the moon
dip below the horizon
as if it had never
been there
at all


© SpiritLedBlog 2013

A Chance to Rest

What I wouldn’t give
For a chance to rest
To lie across the king bed cross-ways
On my belly
Feet dangling over the edge
Shoes still on
One eye squinting at twilight
Through the palladium window
Grey cat curled up nearby
Periodically rising
For a scritch on the head
Body sinking into the foam
Feeling the support
Releasing all my worries
Face down in reverie
Forgotten to the world
For just a while