My Hand Against Your Chest

Human bodies moving together,
sweat pooling in the creases
is a pleasure known only
for a few moments,

my hand against your chest,
echoing the rhythm of your life,
has the power of salvation for
even the most broken soul

SpiritLed 2014



Bedroom with moonlight and smoke

Twilight sparkles in violet eyes
that gaze upon a star-filled night
ponder the vastness of the world in view
questions if there is any more in this lifetime or the next

Moonbeams shower illustrious glory
a worried mind with hopes for tomorrow
soaks in the rays, feels the loving arms
of those gone before,
soothing lullabies for an ancient generation
raise laughter to the sky

Through thick and thin
disaster and delight
she takes the moon to be her partner,
her loving mistress of the night
who fuels her warrior spirit
and fills her with the courage to face each day
to know and recognize
that the pounding,  fleshy organ in her chest
brings life not from its incessant beating
but from its unending capacity
to hold us all within its crimson chamber

©SpiritLed 2014

Divinity Entombed

Entrance to Sousse catacombs flooded with light

In the morning you look like every other
sinner, makeup smeared, hair unkempt,
heart heavy with the bloody dawn of forgiveness

For last you went to Sunday School
the preacher warned, “Remember,
everyone’s a sinner”, even 10-year-old
girls with pigtails and lofty dreams,

and you swallowed hard again the accusation
cloaked in kindness, accepting the wafer with a
clutching sense of panic that hell
might befall you if you do partake, and
most especially if you don’t

Heaven became a destination,
a sought-after paradise unobtainable
amidst your sureness that there is no
eternal story, your suspicion that even you
might not be real

And in this darkness welled a great sorrow,
a longing which cried to fling itself to freedom,
in this solitude laid a song, mimicking
the mournful wail of birds at dawn

Beneath skin stretched translucent,
intertwined with bone and sinew,
muscles, fat, and pulsing organs
deep within the essence of you, lies the
realness that you seek, the ghostly ghastly
spirit soul, your divinity entombed

Go now, and wrestle free from your human skin,
allow the light of your eternal being to permeate
the darkness of your soul

©SpiritLed 2014


Weekend hair falls in tendrils
         around your face as you relax in the sun
         I brush it back, not knowing when I’ll
         have this chance again

For when you go
         you run away so fast, that I barely
         feel a breeze, and, laughing,
         you don’t look back,
         not even for a moment,
         though I never take my eyes off you

I see you from a deeper place
         I feel your joy and sorrow,
         I know your anguish
         that life isn’t what you had hoped

         I know these things
         and I think you realize it too

I can help you heal, but you are
         stubborn and playful,
         the wind in your hair
         feels too freeing in this moment

         I patiently hold you in my gaze,
         knowing sometimes
         that can be healing enough

©SpiritLed 2014