Weekend hair falls in tendrils
         around your face as you relax in the sun
         I brush it back, not knowing when I’ll
         have this chance again

For when you go
         you run away so fast, that I barely
         feel a breeze, and, laughing,
         you don’t look back,
         not even for a moment,
         though I never take my eyes off you

I see you from a deeper place
         I feel your joy and sorrow,
         I know your anguish
         that life isn’t what you had hoped

         I know these things
         and I think you realize it too

I can help you heal, but you are
         stubborn and playful,
         the wind in your hair
         feels too freeing in this moment

         I patiently hold you in my gaze,
         knowing sometimes
         that can be healing enough

©SpiritLed 2014


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