В глубине леса

Nothing comes
and when nothing comes
what is left?

There is the stillness that
fills the spaces in between thought
and action,
the spaces that spur
or paralyze in fear

When nothing comes
you have no choice
but to go there

To seek rather
than be sought
to find the knowing
that is buried
in plain sight

To wear the crown of jewels
that is meant for only you,
to sit on the backwoods throne
of woven twigs
haloed with a canopy
of fallish falling leaves
crunching under bare feet
calling you home to the place
where trickling, holy water
lights the path,
to the place you seek
in your waking dreams,
to the golden light
of creation energy
and the stillness of the places
in between…

…to create something
from nothing




Fog with trees and lamp post

Connect me
to some nugget of truth
or insight
that I may record it
for the world to know
that I may spill it
from sacred lips
like a stream ever-flowing

And if the sound still falls
on deaf ears and eyes avert
from the vision in my soul

So then use me as the song
in their hearts
the breath when they
are disconnected
the lonely howl of pain
when the darkness lasts too long

May I be the focal point
of hopeful direction
a calming in the rage
a cooling in the heat

Let my life be a lamp in the fog
starting first with me

©SpiritLed 2014


Star Nebula

In the dawning of time
man was no speck of dust,
not even a glimmer in Divine’s eye,
until life was breathed into light
and awareness into cellular dust,
fledgling gods dispatched to distant worlds
to wear foreign masks,
engage in sacrilegious battles
for wholeness and peace,
to conquer universes,
to love and give,
receive and forgive,
wage wars with self
and tear down walls of difference ,
fuel the sting of creation sorrow,
create that which is loved most,
send it soaring into freedom,
not knowing how or when it may return,
to fulfill the fate of immortal time


The Spark

Spiral Background.

Blue skies and sunshine
can’t conceal the hollow
emptiness that remains,
at times the tragedy
is too much,
no amount of rainbows
can color life better,
all around, the world moves
people move
but you, immobile,
vortex spinning ‘round,
paralyzed by indecision,
you are the answer
to all your fears,
your single movement
the start of our great change,
your fleeting thought, detained,
the spark that sets man free

©SpiritLed 2014