You Are Enough

Ангел, монотипия, акварель.

You search your whole life
for your purpose, your path
you climb the mountains
ask the questions
get the degrees
cry in the night for the answers
until you feel it’s a lost cause,
the answer isn’t for you

But child, it is
and seeking is not the path,
you must listen
and be still
and open your eyes
to what is right in front of you
and all around you,
your destiny lies in who you are,
what you love,
the passion that gets you
fiery and red-hot inside
the joy that you bring
not just to others
but to yourself

Open up,
take in the spirit that is calling,
the breath of life
moves through you each moment
reveals your passion
brings you joy
gives you purpose
guides your path
whispers that you are enough,
and that is all you ever need to be

©SpiritLed 2014


The Beat

Colorful Stained Glass

The turning and the churning
is in each of us
the desire to make change
if we can persevere
ignore the rain

The slashing and the gnashing
of self-sacrifice and teeth
the pain of labor’s love
if we have patience
release the white dove

The prowling and the growling
rumbles from deep within
the courage to make our demands known
end our children’s suffering
see them grow

The timing and the rhyming
we each find our own beat
make joyful music for the world
wrap each other in our arms
keep our hearts warm


And the beat goes on

©SpiritLed 2014

Peace of the Light

Explosion of light towards heaven, sun. Religion, God

The peace of the light is upon you
Raise your hands to the earth
To the trees, to the skies
To the people across the lands
Who need your open embrace
Your peaceful mind

The oneness you build
Within your ignited heart
Builds the world in which
Tomorrows never end
And all the people Do-ing
Cease their tirades and their tyranny
Join hearts in peace and light
To become the Be-ing,
The one who connects us all with love

Spread your wings
For each of you possess
The guardians’ grace
The ability to rise up and hear
The voices, heed the call
In the light, all fear dissipates
And in love, the final battle won

©SpiritLed 2014

The Calling

Surreal tree in lake

The calling is inside you
whether you acknowledge it or
leave it to be carried off by
wind or whim
or the cold seed of time
which grows leafless trees
and stark contrast against
the cityscape,
barren branches grasping,
weeping secret tears of joy
for connection to dreams within
that you at once shun
and hold against your soul,
for the seed
that may ripen on the vine or
follow the rocks downstream,
absolved of all pretense
and obligation
to be encased in the next life
or waking dream