Peace of the Light

Explosion of light towards heaven, sun. Religion, God

The peace of the light is upon you
Raise your hands to the earth
To the trees, to the skies
To the people across the lands
Who need your open embrace
Your peaceful mind

The oneness you build
Within your ignited heart
Builds the world in which
Tomorrows never end
And all the people Do-ing
Cease their tirades and their tyranny
Join hearts in peace and light
To become the Be-ing,
The one who connects us all with love

Spread your wings
For each of you possess
The guardians’ grace
The ability to rise up and hear
The voices, heed the call
In the light, all fear dissipates
And in love, the final battle won

©SpiritLed 2014


One thought on “Peace of the Light

  1. What a blessing to read your poems and the insight you give us to reflect on words and connect us to the world, people and Heavens above us. Truly glad I signed up for your class and had the pleasure of meeting you in person. I look forward to your future words of wisdom and may you always be open to inspiration to share with all your followers. Peace be with you Ashley. Sincerely, Linda


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