Daily Bliss

sunset in heart hands

Hello beautiful friends!  There are so many of you that follow my blog–almost 1000!  I am so humbled and honored that you read the words that come from my heart and soul. ❤

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Love & light to you all!




white water lilly flower

In the dim light
of morning
voices tumble
clang inside
the troubled mind
searching for an anchor
an open port
a place to call home
to row into shore
build rapport
with the locals
learn the customs
receive guidance
become One

The voices they call
in the distance
from the darkest recesses
they make their presence known
seek a way to enter
take up residence
bring the peace
and reassurance
long to become One

In oneness we unite
cleanse the debris
from even the darkest soul
bring the night from the shadows
into pure white light
of forgiveness
an end to suffering
connection to the One

©SpiritLed 2014

The Bridge

Rope Bridge Above The Clouds

Each day as you stand
with toes pressed against
the crumbling edge
of the bottomless crevasse,
struggling to keep your balance
as the weight of the world
pushes hard against your back,
forcing you forward,

know that with each tentative step
you build the bridge
lay the planks
secure the nails
create a handrail for those
who will follow

the bridge you can’t yet see
is yours to build,
each step along the way
forging the path
to an uncertain
but ordained future

©SpiritLed 2014

Set Fire to the Night


When the white hot fire rises,
when all the particles of your body
tremble in righteous indignation,
when even your hair feels a’ sizzle,
eyes shooting flames,
tongue with burning words,
reach deep inside
where the cooling waters flow,
quench your thirst
but not your will to be heard,
to speak your truth,
to own that which is rightfully yours:
your Words, your Truth, your Soul
spoken in love and power,
setting fire to the night
extinguishing the heat
with one fiery embrace

©SpiritLed 2014

Unruly Blood

Red Ink

Beside the still waters
your voice whispers
releases all my fears
enters me in the places
where I dare not go
spirals through the center
of who I am

My unruly blood
pumps through agitated systems
creates tiny constellations
your voice, it soothes the savage sound
the deeply held beliefs
of unworthy
and unkind

©SpiritLed 2014

Empty Spaces

room light from the window god

In the deepest, darkest recesses
there resides a space
for only you

a space where you may enter and dwell,
to rest and receive the blessings
that are your gift

where you may receive the guidance
that is our promise to you,
a promise made before time began,

made in holy space
signed in spirit
sealed in angel’s wings

a promise for your everlasting care,
that you may not go this path alone,
that when you seek home

and the company of those whom you left
so many lives ago, you may connect
through the silent space within

that open, lonely space waits to be filled
that love, that place
only found within

if you seek, if you open,
if you allow the light
into the empty spaces