Daily Bliss


I originally started this blog as a “secret public journal” of sorts, a place for personal healing,  growth,  and exploration.   Now, as my various passions and gifts start to come together into a more unified package, I want to start including my “Daily Bliss”, which I share on my other social media pages during the week.  It seems fitting anyway, as the Daily Bliss is often inspired by my morning writing. And when it’s not, it’s still inspired by the same Source as my writing.

I’ll start posting them on Monday.  I hope they resonate with you.  ❤



Love’s Intention

A stained glass window: Adam and Eve and the snake in paradise.

I am pure Light
and so you are
together we share our vision
make the world into a new
heaven on earth
usher in a peace
that darkness hid
since the first man and woman
met the apple
and the snake
cast away their innocence
and with it, their god
consumed all the darkness
so that future generations
should seek the light
forgetting our divinity
fighting only for individuality
negating our place in the kingdom
where Love intended
us to be

©SpiritLed 2015

Quest for Fire

fiery beauty

From birth
your light is massive,
expansive in its source,
yet being human keeps it dim,
hides away the greatness,
the vastness of the being inside.

Where you fan the flame
the world attempts to put it out,
until it smolders in silence,
sometimes for decades,
often an entire life,
drowned by the ashes of its overcoming.

So then, your quest is to find your fire,
douse it with the fuel of Love –
the only energy which the world cannot obscure,
the only source which cannot be burned up
in the combustion of humanity

©SpiritLed 2015

Angel Inside

2015-01-14 14.19.03

The angel inside
wishes to tell you a secret:

that you are a life worth living
a dream worth having
that your very existence
brightens the earth
in a way no other can
that the light inside your soul
is not meant to be hidden
or denied
but is your gift to the world
this life that you live now
is your impact on humankind
a model for generations to come
death will not absolve you
but rather, lift you into the night
a shining beacon for all who wish to follow

Live this life well
find your peace within
do minimal harm
right your wrongs whenever possible
shine your beacon for those who struggle
those who wrong you
those who are difficult to understand

and most importantly
shine for yourself
illuminate your own path
don’t wait for someone to do it for you
all that you will ever need
is within you

©SpiritLed 2015



Each moment along this course
we call life
there is a Light that guides our way

though we may stumble
though the terrain may be treacherous
though the storm clouds may cover the sun
and dark branches scratch and claw our faces and arms exposed,
we have the Light,

though the wind may blow mercilessly
though we may cry and lose our way
though we may choose to barricade ourselves inside
to wait out the storm
instead of facing the wind
we have the Light

where all we need do is find the inner sanctum,
set light emerging from the shadows
embolden first ourselves,
then observe with reverence
as others find their own radiance
like moths to candle’s warm embrace

love’s grip that heals, reveals, sets all things right

©SpiritLed 2014