Daily Bliss – February 27

This life is one piece of your eternal song.  Sing it so that you know it’s real.  Happy Friday!


Your Song

Virtual Music

Dear ones,
the world was made for you,
for you to experience the joys
and pain of being human,
and though you fight
against the beingness of you
though you deny the essence
of your true nature
you are still loved.

A host of angels
could not proclaim loudly enough
how much you are loved and needed
in this life.

Open your soul to the great song,
let it blend with your bones
and course through your veins,
for you wrote it,
your song,
an eternity ago
and it still lives in you.

©SpiritLed 2015


be the change

Do you see the signs around you?
Do you catch the subtleties
of human form and language,
the gestures that, though invisible,
may signify the change that is to come?

Do you feel it in your bones,
like an ache that cannot be quenched
with all the fire in the universe,
yet softens with only love’s touch?

Do you run in quiet fields
with tall grass, listening to the whisper
as each blade glides against another
as your feet swish in the underbrush
stepping to the time of nature’s rhythm?

Do you laugh as if a child,
with the freedom and grace that is confidence
in endless tomorrows
and eternal play?

Do you gather all the signs,
hold them close to your body
in the place where love enters you,
shout forgiveness and gratitude
and fiery tears into the blackened sky,
counting every blessing, every gift,
every challenge that brought you to your knees,
raise hands to tomorrow,
whatever that may be,
whatever you may become?

The doing

Do you see the signs?

©SpriitLed 2015

How Do You Help the World?

heart cloud

How do you help the world?

Love yourself
Love your neighbor
Love your enemy
Love the less fortunate
Love the fortunate
Love the dictators
Love the soldiers
Love the hateful
Love the animals
(all of them, even the very tiny)
Love the plants and trees and water
Did I mention to love yourself?

Love with the heart of the Creator
the spirit of the angels
the precision of the universe within your soul

©SpiritLed 2015