Light Has Come

Winter’s achy body
roils against the additional chill,
moves closer to the hearth of love’s delight
where warm air blows,
stifles the voices of doubt
with its promises of nearing thaw

There, by light and glow,
the fiery sprites dance their song,
flickering in and out of heartspace
igniting movement,
inducing peace,
propagating a lust
for the thawing of hearts

The dead robin in the yard
only makes the heart thump faster,
carefully putting him to rest
is a reminder of the struggle and peace
that existence brings to bear,
a triumph over love and death
and the cold dark of night,
as the light always rises in due time
bringing the glories and the tragedies,
the endless golden days inside our hearts

Feel the flutter against your cheek
and know that light has come

©SpirtLed 2015


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