Daily Bliss – May 29

When you’re feeling disconnected,  the best way back to center is to go inside.  Deep breaths…sacred silence….release the anger, fear, sadness…until you feel the inevitable reconnection to soul and spirt.


Soul Ache

Mujer alada al borde de un risco

When your soul aches
for a life it has yet to see,
when your waking hours
are still dreams
of a future on the precipice,
when you give life to your imaginings
with just the light of your very eyes,
you know it is time,
time for your heart to take control,
open to the sureness of the unseen
move past the fear and take one step
off that crumbly ledge into darkness
unknown to eyes but not souls
falling, falling
caught in the wings of Love

©SpiritLed 2015

Daily Bliss – May 26

Most things do happen for a reason – the reason is that you’re following your intuition.   When you’re not, the world seems to happen TO you.  When you follow your intuition,  you’ll notice things start to line up just right, although not always how you think they should be.

Virtue of Love

heart angel icon

heart angel icon

It is said that patience is a virtue
and yet you run yourself so ragged
your mind always yearning for what’s next,
tomorrow’s thrill,
next week’s joy,
the dance of the new year.

When do you give yourself time
to rest in the arms of the One who loves you,
feel the beating of your hearts together
as time stands still,
open to the possibility
that tomorrow may already be.
No amount of urgency or haste can bring forth
that which already is.

Relax, and savor all as it is today,
for in this moment exists all there is,
all there will ever be,
already within you.
Wrap yourself tight in the wings of your Love
rest gently in the peace
of your present tomorrow

©SpiritLed 2015