Daily Bliss – June 30

Just because you learned it that way, doesn’t make it true.  And just because you consider new possibilities, doesn’t mean you have to give up your dearest beliefs.  Open.  Allow.  Be a flowing river, not a stagnant pool.


Silent Night of the Soul

Woman meditating at the sea

In the deepest parts
of the silent night of the soul
your spirit knows,
and in the knowing, that silence,
there is a freedom of the deepest sort,
freedom that none can touch
or force you to surrender,
in that knowing, that silence
there is a peace
that no amount of back breaking
or heart-shattering
can penetrate,
in that space you are wholly you,
the very essence of your eternal being,
and in that space
you know,
no doubt, no fear
only pure knowing,
a free and peaceful soul

©SpiritLed 2015

Morning Reverie


And the birds sing sweetly,
the morning sun peeks gently
over the tops of trees
lining the wood’s edge along the creek,
a perfect circle through tree branches up high,
puffy clouds sharing hints of light
as I sip my tea
and listen to the garbage men
shouting to teach other on the next street
and the bullfrogs bellowing to the koi fish
in the neighbor’s manmade pond

And this day starts sweetly
as I wish all days would
for myself
and for you

©SpiritLed 2015