The Race

Wide Angle View of Female Legs at a River in a City Park

Why do you run yourself so hard?

I don’t know any other way to be

Yet your bones and your back ache
Your mind is so tired
Your thoughts, scattered on the wind

How do you expect
To move the world with quiet contemplation
When you rarely contemplate yourself?

This life is not for only doing,
Quiet rest is also required
And reverence, solitude
A concerted effort to go within

For it is written that you find the peace you need
To go out and be the doer in the world
The guidance you seek to make change,
Soothe broken hearts

It can’t always be a race
Sometimes it needs to be a lazy river
Gently drifting, allowed to carry you
Where you need to go
(Notice we said need, not want)

Allow yourself to float and you will find peace,
The love and simple existence
Your soul needs for survival
For thriving
For doing its best in this life

©SpiritLed 2015


Daily Bliss – August 24

With each new opportunity, there is often a certain amount of fear that arises.  This fear is good.  It’s the fear associated with something new, something potentially bigger or life changing.  A fear that has the potential to propel you forward.   Don’t move away from it.  Rather, embrace it and keep moving in the direction of your dreams.   This fear let’s you know you’re headed in the right direction.

Awakening Man

I rarely post external content, but I ran across this today & it moved me so much.  I know Russell Brand is a comedian and often known for crazy antics.  But there’s nothing crazy about what he’s saying here.  These are the same messages, the same experiences, that I’ve been having for the last several years.  I hope others are moved and inspired as well.  There is more to this life than just the human experience.  When you find the divine within, a whole new world opens up. ❤

Daily Bliss – August 20

Our physical bodies hold clues to our mental/emotional/spiritual state. Today, practice observing what’s happening in your body. Do you have pain or anxiety?  Where do you feel it?  Are you hungry? Is it true hunger or boredom? Take several deep breaths into those places, breathing in peace.  Do you feel differently?   Keep with this work until you feel a shift.