Spirit Wisdom


I don’t usually have an intent or a message when I sit down to write.  My daily practice is to write first thing in the morning, before I’m too awake and my mind is racing with thoughts of the day. I only write for about 15-20 minutes, whatever comes to mind.  It’s a bit similar to the practice of Julia Cameron’s “Morning Pages”.  I suppose like morning pages, these writings are out of my subconscious somewhere, just waiting to be released.  Perhaps it’s that angel inside that needs to free her voice.

In the great dawn of your unrest
Spirit knows
And in its knowing you too can know

If you only listen
If you only hear
If you allow for the great wisdom to flow through

Cleanse what you thought you knew
Deepen your devotion
Make room for only love to rule the day

Make nests in the tree of your soul
Hatch the next generation of prophets
And lovers of the light

Rest now in love
The passageway
The mirror
The corridor to salvation

©SpiritLed 2015


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