Hand of the Divine

guardian angel

The pain you feel is real
And oh so terrifying
Sometimes it feels you can’t escape

But I’m here to tell you
That healing is also real
If you let your heart and mind be open

In this moment, take my hand
I can lead you to still waters that gently soothe you
But you must choose to drink

You are held so dear
And yet, you always have the freedom
To choose your path into eternity

You will return there eventually
And hold the hand of the divine,
Your journey there is always your choice

©SpiritLed 2015


Lift You Up


I carry the weight of a hurting world this night
All the sadness, all the pain that man can muster
And these wings feel too tattered to lift me up,
Lift me up

Deep within, I know this is not mine to carry
Yet this weight bears down,
This torch I willingly choose, this who I am, at once a burden and gift,
Tonight this light shines dimly only on the feet just below me,
On my own broken path

No matter how much I will through words
Your suffering be transcended
Angels, gods, bended knees, and clasped hands
Can’t stop your deepest hurt
It finds you in the darkest places
Where you try so hard to keep out the light

Even the caress of these weary wings
Won’t make you whole
The mosaic of your tears, burning up the night
But if only for an instant, may they lift you up
Lift you up

©SpiritLed 2015

Daily Bliss – September 28

This life gives, and it takes away, and we often can’t know the rhyme or reason for it.  What we can reach for though, is that center of the storm where there is peace.  An anchor doesn’t keep the boat from rocking on the waves, but it does prevent it from drifting aimlessly out to sea.  Reach inside, find your anchor, your peace, and reside there until the storm passes.

What Love Looks Like

Way to sky

Don’t be nervous
Get out there and show ‘em what you’ve got
You were put here to shine
To share your spark in a unique way

Don’t worry if it doesn’t feel right yet
It will
It will come together
Each opportunity a gift
A pebble on the bigger road of life
None are not valuable

Even the ones that stick in your shoe
And wear a sore on your foot
Those pebbles may be the most important of all

Go shine, brilliant one
Show the world what Love looks like

©SpiritLed 2015

The Box


You’re like the others
I see you sitting in that box
And nothing inside me
Wants to climb in with you
I just feel sorry that I can’t

Life would be simpler
In there with you
And you might be happier too
But at what cost
My immobilized mind
Won’t even allow me to ask the question

I may struggle and worry you
But don’t ask me to get inside
Don’t ask me to give up this freedom
To close off my wings to the world
Like so many before me

Though in my infancy, I am an oracle
A messenger for those like me
To wake up and fly
A connection between heaven and earth

Don’t force me into your box
Instead, see the magic I bring to this world

©SpiritLed 2015