Early Autumn Days

Young woman standing in the middle of autumn meadow with high go

And where, in those early autumn days
Did you first feel the chill on your cheek
And ask, “Where do I go from here?”

As you look up into the heavens,
Crisp dry leaves framing your view,
The waning warmth of summer’s sun on your cheek

Your feet begin to take root
Your arms spread wide
Your heart opens to take in the glory of all that is

And in this instant of vulnerability and connection
You know where to go,
You know

©SpiritLed 2015


Daily Bliss – October 29

We all want to be seen for the magnificence and wisdom we carry deep within.  We wait for others to acknowledge this about us, to find this inner jewel as if we didn’t know for ourselves that it existed. But if we’re really honest, we know.  And we don’t have to wait for someone else to acknowledge it. We can live now as if we really believe we are magnificent and wise, because we ARE.  And we can lift up others in the same way.

Thread of Spirit

Photo Dreamcatcher in ethnic style, hand-made from eco materials - willow branches, flax thread, feathers, skeletonized leaves and wooden beads

We’re offered wealth and riches daily
And yet we turn away in wanting and despair
We don’t see it right in from of us
Because it doesn’t look spendable

For it isn’t
The wealth we’re offered is our open hearts
Receiving all of the love and joy
Available in this life

The riches we’re offered are the connections we make
With those we know and those we’ve yet to meet
Connected by the thread of spirit
Across a thousand lifetimes

Open to the love and joy always around and within us
Open to the connections
Make this life complete

©SpiritLed 2015

Daily Bliss – October 26

Deep inside you lies a power you may have never realized.  Or maybe you have but fear has kept you from stepping fully into it.  Today, just for a moment, push aside that fear and dare to glimpse at your immeasurable power.  It’s all yours, to make your life what you want. Will you continue to let fear keep you from it?



Like first snow falling on autumn leaves
still strewn across the ground,
this cold permeates the places
that still long to feel sunshine’s warmth

Have patience, dear one,
for the winter of your being serves it purpose,
it devours the crackling debris of your spirit,
blankets you with pure white blessings,
offers deep rest as you piece yourself back together

Then when the sun appears in your soul once more, rise up
through the wild torrents of lusty spring
make your desperation into a masterpiece,
hang it on the walls of courage and perseverance,
honor its gift of strength, always ready
for the next fallen snow

©SpiritLed 2015