Daily Bliss – November 30

The angels want you to know that having compassion for those who do wrong or hold opposing views is as important as having compassion for those who are like-minded.  It’s easy to feel warmth towards those who agree with us; yet the right choices aren’t always easy. The way to make a difference for all, is to have compassion for all.


Love’s Eternal Showing

In the swirling vortex,
She holds my heart

Embraces my spirit
In her vice grip
Of love

This love is not the same,
She says,
None like you’ve ever encountered

Pure and holy,
This love will rock you
To your core

Alive with freedom and bliss,
Never ending –
And then she lets go

To show me
What nothingness really is,
And we weep

Together in our knowing,
In our growing,
In love’s eternal showing

©SpiritLed 2015

Daily Bliss – November 26

The Angels want you to know that every time you sincerely express your gratitude with words or actions, it lights the way for someone who has lost the ability to feel hopeful in this moment. On this day of Thanksgiving, intentionally & passionately share your heartfelt gratitude, push it out to a world that so desperately needs it, that all may know hope, all may know peace, all may know the grace of Thanksgiving.