Love Incarnate

Heart with wings captured by a flame

Our paths are inextricably linked
with the Universe,
each and every one of us.
So what do we with this?

How do we live this life
and also serve a higher purpose?
How do we hold each other in the highest regard
while also caring for our own deepest needs
and longings?

How do we not feel selfish,
but instead selfless,
in a world filled with hate
and longing for connection?

There is but one way –
the way of the Savior Christ,
the way of the Buddha,
the way of those
who have learned the hard lessons
and lived to become whole again

That way is LOVE,
pure and simple,
universal and individual
all at the same time

Love is who we are, inside and out

We are love incarnate,
loving the world back to wholeness
one heart at a time

©SpiritLed 2015


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