Eulogy for Dweezil


Younger Dweezil

The furry love of my life is gone. For 18 years, Dweezil has slept beside me (or on my head) since the day I brought him home as a 9-week old kitten. He’s never left my side through some of the most difficult times in my life. He’s been with me longer than nearly all the humans I know.

I will miss his snuggles and his surliness…his fangs and his big ears…his soulful blue eyes. But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was sent to me to my friend. He did a great job, and for that I will always, always love him.

I didn’t do much writing last week.  I was busy preparing for the loss of a very dear friend.  On November 18, I lost my friend and constant companion of 18 years, my seal point Siamese cat known as Dweezil.

He had been slowly declining for a year, and then quickly declining for the last month.  He was a dignified cat throughout his life, and I couldn’t watch him suffer the indignities of old age….difficulty with basic necessities like walking, eating, drinking, using the litterbox, and jumping on the bed.  When he started to struggle with these things, when I had to carry him to the water bowl, the litterbox, and back to bed, though my heart was breaking, I knew it was time. He spent his final day curled in my lap, and that’s also where he passed, surrounded by his family who loved him so.

Dweezil lap

November 18, 2016

He passed peacefuly and with dignity, just as it was meant to be.  His spirit has visited me several times since, reassuring me that all those years together meant as much to him as they did to me.  ❤

angel cat

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply
becomes a part of us.”

 ~Helen Keller~



2 thoughts on “Eulogy for Dweezil

  1. Ashley, I am so sorry to read about your precious loving companion and the heartfelt feelings you let us see as you had to let him go. He will miss you as much as you will miss him and without a doubt in my mind you will be together again some day. My heart aches for your pain and my thoughts are with you. Sincerely, Linda

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