The Unnecessary Taboo on Love

I’m not talking about sexy love or family love. Those kinds of love are acceptable.

No, I’m talking about deep, heart-felt, now-you-know-for-sure-that-you’re-enough-in-my-eyes love. Spiritual love. Holy love. Love that resides within and never ends.

We have the capacity, the longing, the heart-stopping need to love and be loved. Without limits. Without guidelines. Unfettered, unabashed, unfiltered love. And yet we hold back.

Over my lifetime I’ve had several relationships in which I wanted to pour out my very heart and soul (and secretly part of me still longs to). But I didn’t. I didn’t allow myself because I’m only supposed to give my love to my children, to my parents, to my lover. And these unspoken boundaries limit our capability to express what’s inherent inside each of us.

Who designed this cramped box labeled “Love is…”?



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