Daily Bliss – March 31

The angels want us to release all that we hold dearly and close to our hearts, for the tighter we hold onto it, the more constricted it becomes, and the more its life force drains from it, and friends us.  Bless it with love and let it be what it needs to be. 


Daily Bliss – March 30

The Angels want us to know that stuffing our feelings and experiences into tiny boxes and storing them away does not mean they no longer affect us.  They stay stored in our bodies, waiting for the perfect time to release their anger, hurt, pain, or sadness.  When we intentionally nurture these parts, they have no reason to explode.  The choice is ours to open the boxes and let the healing begin. 

Spirit Love

Angel holding a red heart on sky

The love of spirit
Fills you up
Lifts you up
Raises you to your true vibration

Who are we to deny it?
Who are we to refuse love?
The longing for love in our hearts
So often sought
Is mistaken for physical love
Human love
Love that someday ends

The love we seek has no end
No beginning
It is with us always,
In us and around us
Always available

For heart-mending
All with Spirit love

©SpiritLed 2016

Daily Bliss – March 23

The Angels want us to know that peace is like the blossoms in the trees in spring….blooming, then making way for the stable greenery of summer, then lying dormant through winter, only to bloom again the next spring.  Peace is cyclical, like all other aspects of  life.  Learning to follow the cycles, rather than fight them, is key to maintaining an overall sense of peace and balance.