Masonic initiation well

This discomfort you feel
It isn’t real
You put it on yourself

You see these chains that bind you
And you hold the key
Forgotten in the heart of all your pain

Dig deep into the well of your existence
The essence and depth of who you are
There is where you find the purity, the light
The release that you seek

Al l of you, pure and purposeful,
Resides within

©SpiritLed 2016


Daily Bliss – April 28

The Angels want us to know that there isn’t another shoe waiting to drop, something bad isn’t waiting to happen, and happiness isn’t around the next corner, out of reach.  The potential for all good is with us all the time, in our perception of reality, and in our willingness to accept what is.  Even in bad times, we have  love and light inside.


Spinning Universe.  Star trails over the snowy mountains.

The world keeps on spinning
And I, in my smallness, watch it
And sometimes I get dizzy from the motion
And I want to make it stop
Get off for just a moment
Catch my breath
Feel the calmness

Yet the turning and the yearning continues
The desire to grow bigger, to make life mean more
To make life love more
And the world keeps on spinning

©SpiritLed 2016

Blessing for Change

Rural scenery with poppies and evening storm colors

When the wings of change blow
We must be ready to listen
Not faltering in the storms
Knowing when to hold tight to the foundations
Built over time
Knowing when to let loose the sails
And let the winds carry us
Even to places we see only I the mind’s eye
And in the heart’s longing

May your foundation be firm
And your sails ever ready to carry you
On the great adventures of life
Steered by compassion
Fueled by love
Anchored only by the heart

©SpiritLed 2016