Daily Bliss – June 30

The Angels want us to know that this stress we feel is temporary. It’s guiding us toward a new and better reality, if we allow it to push and not overwhelm. Invite it in, thank it, and let it go to be dissolved into the light.  


Daily Bliss – June 22

The Angels want us to know that the storms of life roll in, and then they roll out again. Over and over, time and again. There is no amount of fighting or avoidance that will stop the storms. We must simply learn to persevere while wet. 

Daily Bliss – June 22

The Angel Inside…and the next chapter

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I have published my first book (available now on Amazon)!

Front BookCover_3DI’ve kept it a bit quiet here because it’s a coming out of sorts….a step into an area of vulnerability that has stretched me beyond what I knew was possible.  And yet, I followed my inner guidance (ok, I was strongly pushed) and here I am, a published author!

Along with this, I have been led to integrate the work I do.  For years, I’ve maintained two separate web identities, one my coaching/healing business and one my “secret public journal”, aka this blog.  I’ve recently taken the step to finally merge the two together into one, which resulted in the creation of a new blog (not my intention but that’s how it worked out technology-wise).

After more than four years of posting here, I feel like each of you who follow me are my family and my friends.  And so I hope that you will also subscribe and follow me at the new blog:  http://aspiritledlife.org/blog/.  It’s also a WordPress blog, so I assume it works the same way, I just wasn’t able to combine without starting over new.  All the old posts are there, only the address has changed.

I’ll continue posting here for a bit until those who read regularly have a chance to find their way over to the new location.  And don’t forget, the angels want you to CHECK OUT MY BOOK (and I would appreciate it too)!

Daily Bliss – June 14

The Angels want us to know that time is of the essence for us to open our hearts to love. It doesn’t have to be this way, this hate and fear. Love can be the way….love IS the way.

Daily Bliss – June 14

Daily Bliss – June 13

The Angels want us to know that taking care of our bodies is important, for our body is the vehicle for our soul.  When one part suffers, our whole being suffers.   The goal is not perfect health or perfect bodies (for no such thing exists), but rather fueling a system that works together effortlessly and allows us to feel good, inside and out.