The Angel Inside…and the next chapter

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I have published my first book (available now on Amazon)!

Front BookCover_3DI’ve kept it a bit quiet here because it’s a coming out of sorts….a step into an area of vulnerability that has stretched me beyond what I knew was possible.  And yet, I followed my inner guidance (ok, I was strongly pushed) and here I am, a published author!

Along with this, I have been led to integrate the work I do.  For years, I’ve maintained two separate web identities, one my coaching/healing business and one my “secret public journal”, aka this blog.  I’ve recently taken the step to finally merge the two together into one, which resulted in the creation of a new blog (not my intention but that’s how it worked out technology-wise).

After more than four years of posting here, I feel like each of you who follow me are my family and my friends.  And so I hope that you will also subscribe and follow me at the new blog:  It’s also a WordPress blog, so I assume it works the same way, I just wasn’t able to combine without starting over new.  All the old posts are there, only the address has changed.

I’ll continue posting here for a bit until those who read regularly have a chance to find their way over to the new location.  And don’t forget, the angels want you to CHECK OUT MY BOOK (and I would appreciate it too)!


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