Daily Bliss – November 30

The Angels remind us that we are both the symptom and the cure, the cause and the effect, the yin and the yang.  When we stop blaming others and accept both the light and the darkness within ourselves, we will be free. 


Daily Bliss – November 29

The Angels remind us that finding peace means being willing to go through the noise, the disturbances, the distractions in order to reach the calm eye of the storm. Even then, we’ll eventually have to keep moving on through  to the other side, knowing that peace is always available within whenever we need respite and connection. 

What If?

Red heart in a tree trunk on the beach.. Love symbol. Red against black and white

What if the only way to be free
Is to give up all we’ve ever known,
To turn our backs on that which
Has painfully brought us to this place
All the lies we brought inside
And raised like bitter children
Never letting them see the light of day
For fear their faces would be too much to bear

All the stories told late at night
Embedded in our minds
Like hand prints in fresh concrete
First told when only the wind howled in our empty souls
Hands cold from clutching at a heart
Already too far down the path to be constrained

What if we had to admit
That it was all a fallacy,
That grief can’t keep us grounded
And fear won’t make us whole,
That it’s only in receiving
That we’re able to give,
And it’s only in faith
That our hearts open to love?

©SpiritLed 2016


The Power of Creation


The power of creation
Is violent, vehement
Jars you from your sleep
Into the black night of discovery

Feed it
Let it feast on your innermost being
Until it is forcefully brought to life
With the sweet, sweet release
Of giving birth to the future

Nurture it, suckle it
Bathe it as it grows
Haunting your days
Delighting your nights
Until the offspring of your dreams
Are fully mature in their own right
And you may finally rest yourself
For the next creation inside you

@SpiritLed 2016

Photo credit:  http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ThePowerOfCreation