Daily Bliss – January 31

The Angels remind us that this too shall pass.  In time, we will see it’s just a blip in the big picture of eternity.  It’s painful, yes, and frightening at times.  Yet time is not ours to hold onto, but ours to flow with, in compassion and love.  


Big Dreams

Earth and Sun

Big horizon
Big dreams
Little cries of hopelessness
Against far-off scenes

Dreams so real
Yet seemingly too big
Hope for some humanity
Set against the fires of change

Burning out of control
In the forest of our hearts
Taking whatever is in its path
Cleansing all we think we know

Heat can take down big dreams
If hope does not prevail
Kept safe in the cool waters of faith and love
And the vision of a distant horizon always there

┬ęSpiritLed 2016