Daily Bliss – March 30

The Angels remind us we can have our wild life, as well as our domesticated life.  We can be bold and scared, happy and sad.  We can be all things at once, or just one thing at a time.  It’s ok to sit back, stop trying to fabricate a perfect existence, and just be who our soul is in this moment. In fact, it’s encouraged. 


Broken Open

broken open

How does the love shine through you?
How does the light find its way?

Through the cracks
And the holes
And the broken open soul

The heartbreaks
The love aches

The nights on our knees
Drowning in prayer
Waking up in the morning
Gasping for air

These moments of brokenness open the path
To the lighthouse within, to peace from the wrath,

The moment is ready for those with hearts open
Light and love shine right through where one is broken

©SpiritLed 2017