A thick blanket
Lays across the Mother
Heavy in its countenance,
Too heavy for rest
Or subtle dreaming

Instead this blanket incites
A stubborn and desperate fury
To free oneself from its constriction,
Writhing and buckling,
Sending waves of confusion and anger
Across an arrogant land,
Full to its collective brim
With Progress

In the meantime,
Mother never stops her rumblings,
Her ruminations
Grow stronger
As the blanket upon her
Grows heavier
As Progress wields its hammer
Of obedience
Against the nail
In Mother’s heart

And as she cries out,
Tears fall like icy rain,
Anguish rages like storms,
Anger spreads like wildfire,
Enraging, enveloping, engulfing
All which cross her path
In her quest for righteousness
In her final plea for deliverance

Rest now in peace, dear Mother
For the light of love has pierced the darkness
And hope shines on the horizon

©SpiritLed 2017


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