Standing in Sunlight


Standing in sunlight, no one can see the scars.
In sunlight, everyone is beautiful, we all shine.
Rays of light cover the pain, make us come alive
to all that is.  The sunbeam is our spotlight,
our own moment to be as we all were made:  
whole, unbroken, and loved eternally.


God’s Heart

As the sun descends,
Pink-tinged clouds float over the horizon
An exquisite band of color encircles the sky
Rising higher, growing brighter
A fiery triumph of red and love

Soon, red dissolves into night
Azure trees obscure the view
For a few moments, the world was held
In an embrace of peace
A message from the Divine
That despite unspeakable pain and sorrow
Love still prevails

Sunrise 12-3-12


Another passion /hobby of mine is taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets.  It’s often the best part of my day & gets me motivated when I don’t feel like facing the day. Moreover, it reminds me that no matter my complaints everything is right & beautiful in the world.