{POEM} We Are All

misty angel

In the dim light
Of the misty morning
I see her
Reaching out her hand
In my direction

Pale and wispy, she moves with ease
Between the doubts in my weary mind
“Is this for real?” floats on my lips
As she begins to sing the song
Which only my ears can hear

She reaches out to gently unfurl
And wrap her wings around me
In that instant
In her misty embrace
If only for a moment

I know I’m safe
I feel her protection
I’m infused with her love

And as morning breaks
I go into the world to face the day
Still feeling her hand upon my heart
Her song on my lips

With passion renewed
Grace refilled
Love restored

She is me
I am you
We are all

©SpiritLed 2017


Photo with person and angel wings

You’re here for a purpose
Lifetimes in the making
Converging now in this time,
This place,

For reasons of ancient intent and current necessity,
Your purpose now partially appearing
From behind the shroud of your mind,
Whispering hints as you manage,
Never giving up hope,
Always fighting back fear,

The world a vast mystery in the palm of your hand
Secure in your knowledge of purpose and reason
Yet “what,” “why,” and “how,”
These are the questions unanswered,

Revealed in due time
With the precision of angels
Brought down for the peace of this world

©SpiritLed 2017

Spirit Love

Angel holding a red heart on sky

The love of spirit
Fills you up
Lifts you up
Raises you to your true vibration

Who are we to deny it?
Who are we to refuse love?
The longing for love in our hearts
So often sought
Is mistaken for physical love
Human love
Love that someday ends

The love we seek has no end
No beginning
It is with us always,
In us and around us
Always available

For heart-mending
All with Spirit love

©SpiritLed 2016

The Light of Your Own Existence

hands with candle

When the time is right, you’ll know it—
The trumpet sounds in your ear
Your heart light shines brighter than ever
The whispering angel who guides you
Will not let you forget

Through all the madness and destruction
You may hope to ignore the signs that await you
Yet a chorus of light still calls you to your higher purpose,
Your soul guides you home

Not down the safest path, but through the thorny brambles,
Risking life and limb and all you’ve known
To serve the light inside

The fear is often great, and many falter
But not you—
For you are the transmuter of fear,
The one for whom you have waited,
The light of your own existence

©SpiritLed 2015

Love’s Eternal Showing

In the swirling vortex,
She holds my heart

Embraces my spirit
In her vice grip
Of love

This love is not the same,
She says,
None like you’ve ever encountered

Pure and holy,
This love will rock you
To your core

Alive with freedom and bliss,
Never ending –
And then she lets go

To show me
What nothingness really is,
And we weep

Together in our knowing,
In our growing,
In love’s eternal showing

©SpiritLed 2015

I Am Open

Dreaming of Self

Fill me with your words.  I am open.

Sing me the song of the Universe, that it may escape my lips
for all the world to know the tune, even if they can’t find the words.

Fill me with the stories of ancients, that I might know the destiny of man
and speak the message to all who hear.

Fill me with the glory and the power of the Christ, let me know the sacrifice,
the vision of Heaven on earth, Hell in our own hearts, the rising of Love.

I am open to your voices.  Your song resonates in my heart.

Purge the emptiness, fill it with your kingdom, the vibration of oneness.

Mold me, shape me in the ways you will have me best exist in this world
as a conduit of love.

I am open.

©SpiritLed 2015

We Are Here

female guardian angel

Where are you,
when I falter,
when I fall?

We are here.

When you reach out
in the darkness
it is our hand that you touch,
we are your comfort
and your strength,
the lullaby of your youth.
We are your winged keep,
your feathered protectors
our unconditional adoration yours,
if you only ask.

©SpiritLed 2015