Daily Bliss – June 12

In your most natural state, you are free and you are at peace.  Seek these out in your daily life every chance you get, allow them in, create a world that supports and demands it.  And when you can’t find peace and freedom in the world, go within. Then be that beacon for others.  Because the world needs more people who are free and peaceful.

Let the Light Shine Through

The great irony of humanity
Is that at our core
We are beings of pure light
And yet from birth our light is hidden
By our human form

As part of a physical existence
We experience many forms of pain
Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
Each experience a jagged wound
In our outer physical armor

As the pain whittles away our humanness
Two options are presented:
Fill in the lacerations with earthly vices,
Denial, anger, suffering
Or let the light shine through
Allow our pain to become a beacon for others
A small glimpse of the face of God

The choice is ours
The latter, our purpose on earth