Daily Bliss – September 27

The Angels remind us that we have to look beyond the distractions and discomfort for the beauty in life.  It’s an intentional practice, with some days more difficult than others.  Yet every day has a sunrise and sunset.  And there’s beauty in each of those.  The rest is up to us to see.

Daily Bliss – May 5

The Angels remind us that a little rain is going to fall, and a lot of rain is going to fall, and big storms will come.  And then the flowers will grow, and we’ll temporarily forget how we got there, we’ll just enjoy the beauty.  Every day can be like this, if we just enjoy the beauty.


Young asian business woman sitting on the rock

You think you’re deserving of this mess
You believe your life’s become
As if somehow you owe the Universe
And everyone in it
Penance for your wrongdoings,
Your mistakes,
Those days you were just a bitch
You think worthiness and deserving doesn’t include you
You’re too far gone
Too unloveable
Too unloved by your own self

You may not realize it
But I see your light inside
It still burns
It’s not a flicker
It’s a flame
I see you try to hide it
Despite your longing to be free
I see you let the fire burn through
The pulsing mass that is your heart
Ashes covering the tenderness
We both know lives beneath

I know you think it’s too late
That too much is invested
And I’m here to tell you that you’re right
You’re too invested in feeling not good enough
And it’s too late to say you can’t undo the past
Because I’ve seen the light
Your light
And dammit, I know you have too

Take my hand
Together we’ll uncover your beauty
Your strength,
The flame of your undying soul
It’s not buried – it’s right there in your hands
You are worth the waiting

©SpiritLed 2016

Is It Time Yet?

brunette girl holding a white theatrical mask

Is it time yet?
Time to make that change you’ve been pondering
Time to get the support you need
Time to be who you know you are beneath the layers,
The one under the mask you take off at night

Or does that mask never come off?
Does it stay carefully in place,
Even during your down times,
Lulling you into believing if it never comes off
Then what’s beneath it can’t be real?

What if you just took a peek?
By the light of the moon, with no one around
What if you lifted the edge just slightly
Revealed to yourself the beauty behind it?

What if you dropped that everyday persona
Became real – raw, tender, open
Capable of loving as hard and long and wholly
As you’ve ever felt the pain from which you’ve hidden?

And what if in your realness, your true self
You find what you’ve been seeking all along,
Your light, your beauty, your heart
The parts of you lost to life
Still waiting for you to reclaim them

Lovingly, patiently
Waiting for you to take off the masks for good
And wear them like a crown,
Step out into the world as the queen you are

Is it time yet?

©SpiritLed 2016

Daily Bliss – January 20

The angels want us to know that winter is a time of going inward.  We set goals at the new year, but we often forget the process of nurturing our dreams underground, allowing them to take root before they push through the fertile soil to produce nourishment or beauty.  Don’t let this time of year be just another cycle of doing. Cultivate your being self, your nurturing self, the self that holds great truth inside, so that when your spring comes, your roots are firmly planted and ready to bloom.

True Light of the Soul

Face in the Water

The face smiles back
And I wonder, Is that mine?
The face with the lines of worry
The distance behind the eyes
Circles of tiredness and too much to do

And the face just smiles
A simple gesture
With soul in the eyes
And love in all the lines
The face knows

It spent its whole existence
Overseeing the life around it
Its lines, spots, and circles earned
Its worried, soulful eyes open
Taking in all the joy and pain
The world has to offer

And the face keeps smiling
Even beneath the worry and the tired
Behind the anger, the love shows through
The true nature, true beauty
True light of the soul

©SpiritLed 2015

Morning Star

Woman escaping storm

And in the dim light I see her
Beautiful in her perfection
Stunning with her light
Behind a veil of stars

Inspiring greatness
Crumbling the darkness
To rise again in wholeness
As each day breaks

The magnificent morning star
Expanding in the hearts
Of all who witness her
For they are outshined
In her presence

Illuminated, enlightened,
Connected to her expanse
Creating the speck of a single lifetime
An abiding connection
The rising and the falling

©SpiritLed 2015

The Rising

Mountain hiker in front of sunset

Each day it’s there
The words buried deep inside
Fighting to come out

To form the description of your being
Write the song of your soul
Upon the lips of those who speak you

Each day it’s there
Dying to get out
Climbing, clawing from the depths

Always reaching for the light
You may choose to bury it
Or hide beneath the piles of scars

Bruised and broken bones
Healed grotesquely
Covered by layers of superficial beauty

You may wish not to share
But each day it pushes against your resistance
Each year the pressure builds

As you stretch ever thinner
Will you reveal before you break
Or will you allow yourself to shatter

Into a confetti parade of you,
Your beauty and your anger
Raining down on passersby

As if that’s your only choice
And anyway, they don’t seem to mind
Yet afterward they brush you off

And you’re left there in the street
Forgotten and discarded
Or rather will you let the rising take form

Release at your own will
Form the words of your own song
Released to the hearts of man

©SpiritLed 2015