Become the Way

Earth - Beautiful Horizons

Rising energy
Of the setting sun
Isn’t lost on heavy hearts,
The winds of change howling in our ears

Instead, the pressure lifts us up,
Rising to the peak of our existence
Where we see blue above the clouds,
Sun on the horizon
From another side of the world

This perspective gives us wings
To raise our fearful energy to grace,
Envelope our hearts in compassion
For a darkened world turned light

And lift our healing hearts into the sky,
Rising, rising to meet the sun
The light, merging and emerging,
Into night, into day

Become the way,
For a people led astray

©SpiritLed 2017

The Whole of You

Inside you there lies a new life
waiting to be born
a tiny, breathing creation
feeding on your life-blood,
absorbing your deepest desires,
becoming the whole of you

Let it out.
Let it breathe the squalid air,
taste the harshness of the world,
shine its beauty over the decay
of modern man,
let it be free in this world,
allow it to share its healing gifts,
created in the womb of your own soul

©SpiritLed 2015

The Ocean of Becoming

Calm sea and sky during sundown. Bright seascape background

As the river swells,
so your heart overflows its banks,
growing steadily in power
as it moves downstream,
opening to possibility,
heeding its life’s call,
confronting its own power
with forward momentum,
no obstacle a match for its beautiful surge

Kind and loving heart
powerful in its willingness
to live without confrontation or assault,
undeterred in its flow
toward its final destiny,
the ocean of becoming,
where it finds no small proportion
but rather the entire ocean in a single drop

©SpiritLed 2015