Daily Bliss – August 30

The Angels remind us that space must open in order for the energy of our dreams to become manifest.  Therefore, sometimes we have to be still and patient for a time, no matter how much we want to be doing something else.  In our waiting, we are holding space for the new. 


Woman hand holding sparkler outdoors

What are you purging,
What need not be part of you anymore
That it so forcefully releases
Like fireworks in the night sky
Within the heart of your own being?

What pain can you let go,
What ancient past emerging
Asks not to be still buried
But rather to be free,

Out of the cave of your belly
And into the light to be atoned
And disseminated
Its particles scattering to the Universe
Becoming the fodder for your growth
Instead of caged rebellion,
Becoming the light
Which feeds your soul

©SpiritLed 2017

The Two Most Important Words You Know

Power of language

As a writer, I understand the power of words.  Words often flow through me, inspired by something both outside me, and innately found within.   At the same time, I still have conscious choice over the words I ultimately select.  I often spend a great deal of working on flow and rhythm in an effort to create a style that doesn’t change the message.

And yet, even I struggle at times to remember the power that comes with certain word choices, or specific phrases.  We become numb to the meaning of words that are used frequently.  Writing is often about trying to use familiar words in a different way, to bring new meaning to phrases that we’ve heard what seems like a million times.  It’s a unique and elusive challenge.

I woke up during the night recently thinking of a phrase that is used constantly.  It’s one of the simplest phrases imaginable, yet it packs so much power that I doubt any of us even realize what we can do or have or be with just these two words.  And to be awakened from sleep?  Something deep within realizes this message is needed to be shared now.  The two words?


How many times do you think you use these words in a single day?  I can think of 10 right now.  I’m sure I said all of these before noon today.

•    I am hungry.
•    I am tired.
•    I am aggravated.
•    I am here.
•    I am stuck in traffic.
•    I am late for work.
•    I am headed to a meeting.
•    I am on the phone.
•    I am sore.
•    I am meeting with her today.

On the surface, “I am” may not seem so powerful.  Yet, underneath it’s simple structure is a complex world of meaning.

The phrase “I am” (and specifically “am”) is a form of being.   When we say “I am,” we generally follow it up with some description.   So in essence we are saying that we embody whatever follows the phrase.  We are tired, sick, sad, etc.

It seems simple enough, however, it creates a spiritual problem for us when we consider whether we want to describe our being with words like sick, sad, tired, and so on.  These words may, in fact, describe our current state of FEELING.  But are they truly indicative of our current state of BEING?

Taking this thought process one step further, there is evidence that we become what we think and say.  This is why athletes visualize themselves winning competitions and great actors visualize themselves giving acceptance speeches; they know the power of our thoughts to create reality.

When we think or say to ourselves, “I am tired,” we are creating a reality in which the person that we are is tired.  That one isn’t too difficult to swallow.  But what about when we say, “I am depressed.”  Or “I am broke.”  What kind of reality does that create for us?  A state of being where we become something that we most likely don’t want.

Perhaps this seems like semantics.  Yet, I invite you to say the following phrases out loud. As you read them, sense how you feel.  Experience their energy in your body.

•    I am broke.
•    I am depressed.
•    I am mad.
•    I am stupid.
•    I am not worthy.
•    I am hopeless.
•    I am fat.

If we’re being honest and in touch with our senses, we’ll likely agree that it feels bad to read these words.  Nevertheless, this is how so many of us talk to ourselves on a regular basis. What if we changed the wording to create a different effect?  Read aloud the phrases below once again.

•    I feel broke.
•    I feel depressed.
•    I feel mad.
•    I feel stupid.
•    I feel not worthy.
•    I feel hopeless.
•    I feel fat.

We know feelings are fleeting.  They come and go almost as quickly as our thoughts.   And they change rapidly, depending on internal and external experiences.  Feelings are fluid, while beingness is more solid.  Feelings are somewhat untrustworthy, since they change so much, while beingness is, at its core, who we are.

We don’t want to BE broke, depressed, stupid, unworthy.  It’s okay to FEEL that way sometimes.  But we want to let that feeling float on through as it needs to, not let it come to rest in our souls and occupy our beingness.

I urge each of us (myself included) to evaluate how we speak to ourselves, not only our self-talk in general but the specific words and phrases that we use.  Where can we be gentler, kinder, more uplifting in our language?  Where can we shift our reality by shifting our choice of words?

If this resonated with you, I invite you to comment below and share with your friends.

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Daily Bliss – March 30

The Angels remind us we can have our wild life, as well as our domesticated life.  We can be bold and scared, happy and sad.  We can be all things at once, or just one thing at a time.  It’s ok to sit back, stop trying to fabricate a perfect existence, and just be who our soul is in this moment. In fact, it’s encouraged. 


Milky Way

The only time more extraordinary
Than the day of my birth
Is that of my re-birth,
The moment I started to become aware
Of the greater path set before me,
Of the greater being that I am

No matter how hard I tried to hide the real me
Or forgot my soul amidst the work of existing,
Re-birth brought me back
Step by often painful step,
Moment by moment,
To an awakening of Me –

My true potential
My true self
The true depth and expansiveness
Of my soul

My time has come,
The star shines brightly above
To light my way
To lead me home

To lead you home

©SpiritLed 2016

Virtue of Love

heart angel icon

heart angel icon

It is said that patience is a virtue
and yet you run yourself so ragged
your mind always yearning for what’s next,
tomorrow’s thrill,
next week’s joy,
the dance of the new year.

When do you give yourself time
to rest in the arms of the One who loves you,
feel the beating of your hearts together
as time stands still,
open to the possibility
that tomorrow may already be.
No amount of urgency or haste can bring forth
that which already is.

Relax, and savor all as it is today,
for in this moment exists all there is,
all there will ever be,
already within you.
Wrap yourself tight in the wings of your Love
rest gently in the peace
of your present tomorrow

©SpiritLed 2015

In the Heart of All that Is

Love mandala

Get out of your own mind,
fraught with worry and doubt,
think with your soul,
drop down into your heart,
open wide to reconnect
with the ancient wisdom
that can only be found in silence,
listening with invisible ears
which hear deeper, wider,
and more passionately than any human sense,
sensing from the very depths of being,
casting out all that isn’t real,
focusing only on that which can be defined as love,
real love that doesn’t cause pain
or crack under pressure,
or break when the agony of the world becomes too much to bear,
real love that flows smoothly with no bumps or turns,
flowing with the urgency of unconditional connection
to the greater Love,
the one who is love and shares love
outside the mind
beyond the body
in the heart of all that is

©SpiritLed 2015

Sit Quietly, Let Go

man meditates on the lake

sit quietly and allow yourself
to take up residence in your own skin
let the lighted sage clear away
all the congestion of a life
filled too full,
played down to the wire,
breathe in the sacred smoke
breathe out the swirling negativity
that fills each cell,
allow only peace and calm to remain,
allow the warm candlelight
to take you adrift
into the ocean of your being,
your spirit, your essence, the captain
on your journey into the higher voyage of the soul.

Let go,
let go and float,
bodiless and mindless
floating on the waves of being
until you sense the connection,
the reconnection,
to all that you are,
all that you were,
all that you ever will be.

Sit quietly,
let go,
float in the ocean of your being

©SpiritLed 2015