Daily Bliss – March 27

The Angels remind us that it’s ok to be like the ocean, still and calm one day, rough and raging the next.  Periodically we need to churn ourselves up and let go of what holds us back, dump it on the shore and start fresh and clear.  It is nature way, and we are of nature. 

Daily Bliss – November 29

The Angels remind us that finding peace means being willing to go through the noise, the disturbances, the distractions in order to reach the calm eye of the storm. Even then, we’ll eventually have to keep moving on through  to the other side, knowing that peace is always available within whenever we need respite and connection. 

Sit Quietly, Let Go

man meditates on the lake

sit quietly and allow yourself
to take up residence in your own skin
let the lighted sage clear away
all the congestion of a life
filled too full,
played down to the wire,
breathe in the sacred smoke
breathe out the swirling negativity
that fills each cell,
allow only peace and calm to remain,
allow the warm candlelight
to take you adrift
into the ocean of your being,
your spirit, your essence, the captain
on your journey into the higher voyage of the soul.

Let go,
let go and float,
bodiless and mindless
floating on the waves of being
until you sense the connection,
the reconnection,
to all that you are,
all that you were,
all that you ever will be.

Sit quietly,
let go,
float in the ocean of your being

┬ęSpiritLed 2015