New Beginnings


Physical doors may close
But energetic  connections never end.
Go ahead, grieve for the losses
That sting your heart,
Cry the well-deserved tears,
Let them loose like hot cleansing lava
Burning all your karmic debris in their wake
So that you might rise again stronger,
More solidly in the place where you already belong.
These cosmic connections don’t go away,
They’re bonded for eternity by lava tears
And new beginnings

©SpiritLed 2015

This is the Day

Tree heart in ocean

This is the day it all changes
The day you take your life
In your own hands, throw off
The connections that have
Held you back, this is the day
You open your heart to love

Crack open all the forbidden places,
Protected by fortresses of dust,
Locked away after the hurt
That could not be tolerated, the pain
That sealed the final lock and consumed
The key, this is the day that you swim

Into the belly of the great fish, find the way
Of salvation and go shaking into the depths
To release your soul, no longer a prisoner
Of your own making

The wind may howl, wild and raging storms
May attempt to block your path,
But the fallen branches
In your way, the uprooted trees that shake
Your foundation are no match for you,

Your heart is strong and your whole life
Has brought you to this moment

This is the day.

©SpiritLed 2015