What’s the vision of the future?
The one we see in dreams,
Details silently appearing, one-by-one,
As we paint the pictures of our lives,
Following the path to paradise,
Long and winding, the end unclear

Yet we feel compelled to keep on moving,
Keep on building,
Keep on visioning
Until the future comes fully into sight,
Created from our own dedication,
Our determination,
Our courage to persevere

For the good of man and beast,
For our very own existence,
The call inside too deep to ignore,
The vision too real to let go

©SpiritLed 2017

Standing at the Edge

silhouette of lone woman facing a giant powerful wave in black a

Standing at the edge
I feel the familiar fear of movement,
The sting of failure,
The desire to lie low instead of being seen,
To run to the safety of the life I’ve always known

The softest path is well-worn
And rarely brings me to this place,
Yet on this darkest night
Here I find myself again at the crossroads
Of continued passage along the familiar
And this steep and jagged ledge

Stepping out has risks
And implications unseen
The edge has no railing
And the crevasse below seems bottomless,
With darkness as far as eyes can see,
No way to tell how far I’d fall
Or if I’d ever rise again

Standing at the edge
I know my chances of survival are greater
Unless simply surviving means missing out
Unless my own survival isn’t even the goal

Standing at the edge
There below me in the dark
The spirits of my ancestors beckon,
I feel the brush of angels’ wings
And a voice deep inside whispers,
“You won’t have this chance again.”

And so I take deep breaths
A few stumbling steps backwards
Raise my arms to the night sky
And take a running leap

©SpiritLed 2016


Soul Ache

Mujer alada al borde de un risco

When your soul aches
for a life it has yet to see,
when your waking hours
are still dreams
of a future on the precipice,
when you give life to your imaginings
with just the light of your very eyes,
you know it is time,
time for your heart to take control,
open to the sureness of the unseen
move past the fear and take one step
off that crumbly ledge into darkness
unknown to eyes but not souls
falling, falling
caught in the wings of Love

©SpiritLed 2015

The Beat

Colorful Stained Glass

The turning and the churning
is in each of us
the desire to make change
if we can persevere
ignore the rain

The slashing and the gnashing
of self-sacrifice and teeth
the pain of labor’s love
if we have patience
release the white dove

The prowling and the growling
rumbles from deep within
the courage to make our demands known
end our children’s suffering
see them grow

The timing and the rhyming
we each find our own beat
make joyful music for the world
wrap each other in our arms
keep our hearts warm


And the beat goes on

©SpiritLed 2014


I’ve been lost for years, exiled in my own suffering.  Finally discovering that suffering and exile are a choice, I set out on a quest to discover how to choose a different path.  Finding my old poems and exploring where my path turned, I have taken the initial steps toward home again.  Like the prodigal son, there are many who applaud and welcome you when you take this step, but there are others who are jealous and angry that you get so much attention, seemingly for nothing.  Anyone who has ever been lost knows the great personal courage it takes to right the course, to face the dawn of a new day.  (10-10-12)