This Creative Life

Purple Iris in full bloom

In creating, we find life,
The kind of life that isn’t discovered
In everyday endeavors
Or positive pursuits

But rather, the kind of life discovered
Between long, slow kisses,
Lazy sunsets by the sea,
The lilting laugh of a joyful baby,
Irises blooming in the garden for your mother

All creating the backdrop
Of a richer existence
Longer days and sleepier nights
With stars like spotlights above us
Illuminating the many miracles
Uncovered, created
Through this creative life

©SpiritLed 2017

Silver Linings

Heavenly Sky Background

Refuse to feel sorry,
to drown yourself in your own self-loathing
to focus on the hatred
of all that went wrong in your life,
refuse to be mired,
to get caught in the downward spiral
that is misery and complaint;
for life has so much to offer,
silver linings in every dark corner
for the creative mind to seek out,
to pull from the deepest places
where the light barely goes;
silver only needs a tiny sliver of light
to reflect its true nature,
the bearer of positive intent
making all things shiny-new,
offering the slightest glimmer of hope

©SpiritLed 2015