Meditation Has a Secret: 5 Questions to Consider

Meditation has a secret.

It doesn’t work for everyone (GASP!).

Of course, this isn’t what we’re told about this powerful, ancient practice. The list of amazing meditation benefits for mind, body, and spirit are practically endless (and easy to Google). Need to get more grounded and focused? Stressed out? Experiencing pain? Want to connect to your inner guidance? Meditation is the cure for all your ills.

But if you ask the average person, they’ll tell you (likely in great detail) the TRUTH about meditation; how they can’t sit still or quiet their mind, they can’t fit it into their day, or they tried it and didn’t like it or didn’t get any effect.

It could even be said that meditation benefits all people, but not all people benefit from meditation. 

The true dirty secret of meditation involves the pressure we feel to always be doing something, and to do it as a means to an end, which creates for us a meditation practice that is more like a checklist than personal development. In turn, this can lead to some pretty undesirable outcomes.


Flash of Greatness

old woman praying

Majestic old man
Sits in the corner
Silently he watches
Then strolls wordlessly away

What does he think of me?
What advice can he share?

Like autumn leaves falling from the trees
Silently he speaks about the cycles that guide us
His eyes, wise and sad
His words, symbolic

And with one flash of greatness
He’s off

©SpiritLed 2105