Young asian business woman sitting on the rock

You think you’re deserving of this mess
You believe your life’s become
As if somehow you owe the Universe
And everyone in it
Penance for your wrongdoings,
Your mistakes,
Those days you were just a bitch
You think worthiness and deserving doesn’t include you
You’re too far gone
Too unloveable
Too unloved by your own self

You may not realize it
But I see your light inside
It still burns
It’s not a flicker
It’s a flame
I see you try to hide it
Despite your longing to be free
I see you let the fire burn through
The pulsing mass that is your heart
Ashes covering the tenderness
We both know lives beneath

I know you think it’s too late
That too much is invested
And I’m here to tell you that you’re right
You’re too invested in feeling not good enough
And it’s too late to say you can’t undo the past
Because I’ve seen the light
Your light
And dammit, I know you have too

Take my hand
Together we’ll uncover your beauty
Your strength,
The flame of your undying soul
It’s not buried – it’s right there in your hands
You are worth the waiting

©SpiritLed 2016