Daily Bliss – August 21

The Angels remind us that our shadow is as much a part of us as our light.  When we keep our shadow hidden, we fail to embrace the totality of who we are.  When we  allow ourselves to witness our shadow in the light of day, we embrace healing, our own and that of the world. 

Daily Bliss – June 29

The Angels remind us that just a the shoreline changes from year to year, so do we.  Despite the inherent disappointment, disgust, even fear that may come with change, it also brings new life, new perspectives, and new possibilities.  Just for today, embrace change in all the places it wishes to enter and make itself known.

Set Fire to the Night


When the white hot fire rises,
when all the particles of your body
tremble in righteous indignation,
when even your hair feels a’ sizzle,
eyes shooting flames,
tongue with burning words,
reach deep inside
where the cooling waters flow,
quench your thirst
but not your will to be heard,
to speak your truth,
to own that which is rightfully yours:
your Words, your Truth, your Soul
spoken in love and power,
setting fire to the night
extinguishing the heat
with one fiery embrace

©SpiritLed 2014