This Light

Heart-shape for the nature.

Being seen, being heard
It’s in our DNA,
Coursing through these bodies
We call home

For each desire to hide our light,
There is a deeper urging
For someone to understand,
To see the meaning in our existence,
To hear our deepest existential thoughts
Which tie one generation, one civilization,
To the next

This, the fabric of our inner workings,
Provides a glimpse into our eternal nature,
A roadmap to explain the longing
To be known for who we are

Not as this body,
But as this soul,
This heart,
This light

©SpiritLed 2017

Daily Bliss – September 6

The Angels remind us that despite all the hate in the world today, we are made of the love that springs eternal, and we can infuse the world with this love without ever running out of love to give.  Love is the promise that keeps us both grounded and connected to all that is. 

Let it Rise

Fire mandala

When the fire in your belly burns hot
Let it rise
Let it burn up the untouched debris of your heart
Let it cut the cords of inequity
Which still tie you to your waking grave

Burn the ashes of your untouched past
The parts you thought were shattered and lost
Still piercing the hidden portals of your heart

Melt each smoldering layer
Until only the truest you remains
No longer fighting for life
But shining eternal in your own pure light

©SpiritLed 2015

Love’s Eternal Showing

In the swirling vortex,
She holds my heart

Embraces my spirit
In her vice grip
Of love

This love is not the same,
She says,
None like you’ve ever encountered

Pure and holy,
This love will rock you
To your core

Alive with freedom and bliss,
Never ending –
And then she lets go

To show me
What nothingness really is,
And we weep

Together in our knowing,
In our growing,
In love’s eternal showing

©SpiritLed 2015


Beautiful woman praying in mountain landscape

When did you first feel the flutter,
the tiny movements of eternity
stirring deep within your belly?
When did you first notice
that light attracts to light,
that the more you shine and glow
your light is multiplied
by connections made in darkness?
Growing brighter,
growing stronger,
though they strive to keep you parted,
though you fight to feel your depth,
though you try to hide your brilliance,
still they come,
gathering in your illumination,
in the exponential expansion
of Light and Love

©SpiritLed 2015