Daily Bliss – January 31

The Angels remind us that this too shall pass.  In time, we will see it’s just a blip in the big picture of eternity.  It’s painful, yes, and frightening at times.  Yet time is not ours to hold onto, but ours to flow with, in compassion and love.  

Free Your Soul

flight of soul

Free your soul
Body and mind will follow
Basking in the openness
The awareness
The eternity within this holy shell
That is you

Free your soul
So that the body may be free
Of suffering and pain
The mind may be free
Of thoughts which only weigh you down

Free your soul
To experience all that is written
In the Book of Life
That which was, which is, and which is to come
Transcribed for your soul’s path
Held closely in the confines of your heart

Free to connect
Free to feel
Free to love
The deepest love possible
The love of a free soul

©SpiritLed 2016

Hand of the Divine

guardian angel

The pain you feel is real
And oh so terrifying
Sometimes it feels you can’t escape

But I’m here to tell you
That healing is also real
If you let your heart and mind be open

In this moment, take my hand
I can lead you to still waters that gently soothe you
But you must choose to drink

You are held so dear
And yet, you always have the freedom
To choose your path into eternity

You will return there eventually
And hold the hand of the divine,
Your journey there is always your choice

©SpiritLed 2015

The Other Side of Fear

Gate to heaven with sunny sky

Final entry in the Book of Life
Yet the night is still young
Still time to dance among fireflies
Pluck stars from the sky and carry them around
As our own personal lanterns

Let our wings fly free
As birds and butterflies in the wind
Enjoy the fire in our last days
As the captive souls we allowed for so long

New life is on the horizon
With all the fear and unknown it brings
And joy, let’s not forget the joy found
In freedom and change

Like the lifting up in prayer
Of a gentle loving heart
The body and mind opens to new wonders
Miracles, if you will
Facilitated by our willingness
To move forward through our fear
Connected to the mere possibility
Of eternity on the other side

©SpiritLed 2015

Your Song

Virtual Music

Dear ones,
the world was made for you,
for you to experience the joys
and pain of being human,
and though you fight
against the beingness of you
though you deny the essence
of your true nature
you are still loved.

A host of angels
could not proclaim loudly enough
how much you are loved and needed
in this life.

Open your soul to the great song,
let it blend with your bones
and course through your veins,
for you wrote it,
your song,
an eternity ago
and it still lives in you.

©SpiritLed 2015

Birth Day

In a parlor plain and
solemn, a small crowd huddles
Tomorrow I celebrate
one more year, today
I attend my friend’s
final life celebration

Funerals produce in me
a subtle sense of asphyxiation
and I sit in the quiet chapel,
in this room full of acquaintances
and strangers, barely breathing
for fear I might explode
into unending tears

But the moon rising in my heart
speaks of fullness and cycles,
and creates in me a curious juxtaposition

and a shift happens, a veil lifts to reveal
awareness that death is life anew,
that as one celebrates birth
another now possesses a freedom
that earthly souls can only imagine

Rest in Peace, my friend,
and also my yesterday self,
for today we both start anew
and tomorrow as well,

fulfilled in the knowledge
that neither death nor birth
signify an end or a beginning

but rather each day is a new path
in our personal eternity,
one more step in the journey
of Divine life

© SpiritLed 2014